Welcome to Freight Afloat

Freight by water is the most sustainable form of transport other than pipeline, and is fast becoming the transport of choice. It promises to improve the quality of life by reducing the carbon footprint as well as congestion, noise, pollution, vibration, road accidents and deaths.

Freight Afloat Consultants will help your company to lead the way in the use of sustainable distribution. Whether you are a one man business or a blue chip company, we will advise on all aspects of freight by water and find solutions to your logistical problems.

Water freight has a range of unique advantages, often overlooked:

• eligible for grant funding

• helps to secure planning approval by meeting sustainability
  targets and planning guidelines

• provides intermodal solutions

• improves efficiency by avoiding traffic delays

• combats lorry curfews and congestion charging

• attracts publicity

• pleases shareholders by demonstrating corporate social
  responsibility and environmental awareness

We have been involved in all aspects of waterway logistics from planning consents and grant-funding to wharf-design. We can even help you to choose the appropriate craft.